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Friday July 28th, 8:00 PM.

Monthly Public Meeting.  Guest speaker Kevin McKeown will talk about the upcoming eclipse

On August 21st the shadow of the Moon will sweep across North America creating a total solar eclipse.  Come learn how to prepare for it and observe it safely.  The RRAS will also have special eclipses glasses for sale.

For more information, contact RRAS Vice-President, Melanie Templet  at 505-220-5355.
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Zimbabwe Solar Eclipse   

Normally hiding from view in the glare of the Sun, the shy solar corona came out to play as a total solar eclipse graced morning skies over southern Africa. This telescopic image of the Sun's corona or outer atmosphere shimmering around the silhouetted Moon was recorded near the centerline of the total eclipse path, 10 kilometers north of Beitbridge, Zimbabwe. At that location, near the Zimbabwe - South Africa border, the total phase pictured here lasted a leisurely one minute and 23 seconds. Zimbabwean photographer Murray Alexander reported that fortunately no clouds interfered but few people were present, while many watching from the South Africa side were clouded out.

Source:  Astronomy Picture of the Day

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