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Astronomical League Certificates

The Astronomical League provides many different observing programs. These programs are designed to provide a direction for your observations and to provide a goal. The programs have awards and pins conveyed by the Astronomical League to recognize the observers’ accomplishments and for demonstrating their observing skills with a variety of instruments and objects.

More information on the Astronomical League’s many observing programs can be found here.
Name Program Level Award Number Award Date
Darin Templet Messier Program Honoary 2737 5/12/18
Darin Templet Binocular Messier Program   1131 1/25/18
Steve Coltrin Two in the View   23 6/27/17
Jonathon L. Schuchardt Stellar Evolution Program   49 6/11/17
Steve Coltrin Constellation Hunter Northern Skies Program   187 1/28/17
Jonathan L. Schuchardt Planetary Nebula Program Basic 31 10/18/16
Steve Coltrin Messier Program Honorary 2224 6/16/16
Darin Templet Messier Program   2737 6/16/16
Steve Coltrin Lunar Program Telescopic 944 3/18/16
Steve Coltrin Messier Program   2724 2/18/16